Sweet Delights offers the reader fourteen amazing romance stories full of love, blossoming romance, yummy treats, and the odd challenge or two. You’ll find stories about weddings, café’s, cooking classes, bake sales, family reunions and lost loves reunited. Lose yourself in the many stories and fall in love with the characters, their lives, their loves and of course, their sweet delights.


A Lesson in Love by P.L. Harris

When Holly and Sam find themselves thrown together by a pint-sized matchmaker, will they discover the secret to happiness and allow themselves a little bit of red-velvet magic?


Cinnamon Buns and Blind Dates by Fionna Cosgrove

Liz has a knack for all things pastry, but when it comes to love, she’s been lacking the main ingredient. Will a blind date be everything she hoped for, or will she be left cleaning up the crumbs once again?


The Bake Sale Reunion by Belle Griffin

When his sister’s dog ruins a bake sale on his watch, Will is mortified. But the feeling disappears quickly when he comes face to face with his old school crush. Is this a recipe for love?


Lemon Snippets by Helen Walton

A schoolgirl crush + best friend’s brother + teenage hormones = a disastrous no-go zone. Reworking that equation a few years later could possibly give the most deliciously sweet result! Can Claire and Travis reignite the passion they once shared?


Plus One by Alyce Caswell

What’s not to love about a good country wedding? Unsealed roads. Chocolate cup-cakes. Free-flowing alcohol. Wild in-laws. A Bridesman…and his Plus-One. Will Ben and Connor finally air their true feelings to each other? Will one of them catch the bouquet?


Sunflower Love by Frances Dall’Alba

One festival…one sunflower cupcake…one first love…are the memories enough to rekindle this first love, or just a reminder of everything lost?


Falling by Jan Prior

A serendipitous collision…chook tea…a sly wink…can elderly widower Larry galvanise his lost mojo and entice the intrepid divorcee Joy into his life and heart?


Count Me In by Sioban Timmer

Event Planner Matilda Walker knows that mixing business and pleasure is a guaranteed recipe for a sticky situation - But is sexy Hotel Manager Thomas Brennan a dish she can’t resist?


Sweet Ginger by Mickey Martin

When Ginger’s gaze lands on the most scrumptious looking carpenter in Australia, she’s hoping to get his hands on more than just her café renovation.


Tourist Attractions by Valerie Latimour

A broken foot, a smashed phone, and that’s just for starters. When Melody’s carefully-ordered life is disrupted by an attractive tourist in dire need of rescue, can the sweetness of love triumph over the obstacles keeping them apart?


Rose’s Path by Lauren Loos

Rose has given up on the man of her dreams; instead, she’s looking for love on a reality tv show. Can skeptical Rose find her true love on national television, or will she go home embarrassed and alone?


Passionberry Dreams by D.D. Line

A young constable with an overwhelming urge to serve and protect. A pâtissier with attitude. Can a thief bring two hearts together? Or steal away their dreams?


Welcome Home, Jemma Harlow by Mandy May

Will a chance encounter with a flock of sheep lead to her greatest failure? Or will the reunion with her high school crush, Zane Tucker, remind her that home is truly where the heart is?


Give Us this Day by Jenny Lynch

A road trip…a gala ball with a difference…no glass slippers…just bras, lots of bras, hanging from the ceiling and what a conversation starter they turned out to be. Is Georgia ready to risk her heart again? Will love be enough to guarantee a new beginning?


Enjoy this collection from fourteen different Australian authors. This anthology showcases many beautiful locations scattered throughout this stunning country of Australia. From the charming South West region of Western Australia to the rolling hills of the Hunter Valley. Picturesque Inglewood, Victoria to Daly Waters in the Northern Territory. So many wonderful journeys, all in one book

Sweet Delights