Every heart needs a little ‘yelp’.

Seeking respite from her life in the city, Olivia Summers heads to the seaside town of Whitecap Cove where she once spent a memorable family holiday as a teenager.

Her hopes of a peaceful two-week stay are soon disrupted by the constant barking from the dog next door. Summonsing the courage to complain to the neighbours, Olivia unwittingly finds herself embroiled in a more serious situation.


Crucial to a police enquiry and instructed not to leave town, Olivia learns more about Whitecap Cove than what is written in the tourist brochure. Along the way she befriends some of the locals and finds herself distracted from her ex’s misdemeanours by the handsome but introspective local detective.


This might not be the restful stay-cation Olivia had planned, but Whitecap Cove has drawn her back and due to the ‘yelp’ of a little dog, her life is about to change.


Release Date: 2nd December 2019.

The Dog Next Door