Paw Prints of Love Anthology 

Paw Prints of Love will be a collection of romance stories linked to one common location: The Funny Bone, Stonecrest Bay’s one and only dog grooming salon. The salon mixes classic with modern industrial and is located in the fictional town of Stonecrest Bay, Western Australia. The town is a coastal town and prides itself on beautiful beaches, parks and come summer time, it’s a hive of tourist activity. Shops in the town include: Stonecrest Bay Bed and Breakfast, The Seaside Bar and Grill, Casey’s Café and Chambers Veterinary Clinic. 


Dee Chambers is the owner of The Funny Bone. She is an award-winning dog groomer in her mid-30’s, Australian. Dee is an animal lover, especially dogs owning two Bichons named Milo and Xena. Her parents own the local veterinary clinic. She is warm, friendly and single. Dee has shoulder-length chestnut brown hair and likes to dress for comfort, especially in her favourite jeans and wellington boots.


Dee, and her staff members, Harley and Abby (Harley is a seasoned groomer while Abby is new in town and has only been with the salon four months), look after and spoil Stonecrest Bay’s pooches. They provide a relaxed friendly and safe environment and people feel comfortable leaving their pet in their capable hands. Harley is in his early 30’s, tall, has short brown hair and wears contact lenses. Abby is in her mid-20’s, medium height with long strawberry-blonde hair and an energetic personality.


Dee’s story, including her romance, will be written by P.L. Harris. We are looking for stories of love that all somehow link to the salon. All the stories must feature it and the staff in some way. Have you just moved to Stonecrest Bay? In town for the annual dog show or town fair? House sitting? A breeder or looking to buy a new family pet? Make it stand out in some way. Note, we will only choose one Harley and Abby romance.



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