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2022 Anthology Call - Holiday Kisses

Submissions for our 2022 romance fiction anthology Holiday Kisses are now open and will close 10th January 2022. The reading period will be from 11th January to 11th March, 2022 with an expected release date of late 2022 in time for Christmas. We accept stories from authors worldwide. After the selection has been made, each author will be contacted regardless of whether or not their piece has been shortlisted for publication. 



Our 2022 anthology will have a theme of Christmas and a kiss must feature somewhere within the story. Stories can be set anywhere within the world; however, a December Christmas with snow is desirable and stories must have either a happy for now (HFN) or happy ever after (HEA) ending.

If you have further questions, please email



  • Word limit is 4,000 – 8 ,000 words.

  • We will not be accepting erotica, paranormal, non-fiction or poetry for this anthology.



Please ensure you read the anthology brief carefully before preparing your submission.

After you have followed the formatting guidelines below, please submit to

  • Double line spacing

  • Page numbers centre of footer

  • 12 pt Times New Roman or Calibri font

  • Double quotation marks

  • 2.5cm margins

  • 1cm paragraph indent, no line between paragraphs

  • Name, title of document, email in header

  • Doc or Docx format

  • We do not accept first drafts. Please ensure your piece is as polished and edited as possible.

  • We may accept work that has been previously published on your blog (but no other avenue). If accepted, acknowledgement of the original source will be given.

  • Include a 100-word Author bio with your submission




  • Submission does not guarantee publication. Shortlisting and selection will take place over a couple of months. Successful pieces will be edited where necessary.

  • Submissions that do not meet the guidelines will not be accepted. Please check the formatting details carefully.

  • Gumnut Press will not provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants.

  • We are unable to provide upfront payment for submissions. Sixty per cent of royalties (after distribution and costs) will be divided between authors equally. Payments are made half yearly in January and July.

2021 Anthology
Sweet Delights 


Order your copy now over at the Gumnut Press shop

Release date - 7th July 2021


Sweet Delights offers the reader fourteen amazing romance stories full of love, blossoming romance, yummy treats, and the odd challenge or two. You’ll find stories about weddings, café’s, cooking classes, bake sales, family reunions and lost loves reunited. Lose yourself in the many stories and fall in love with the characters, their lives, their loves and of course, their sweet delights.


A Lesson in Love by P.L. Harris

Cinnamon Buns and Blind Dates by Fionna Cosgrove

The Bake Sale Reunion by Belle Griffin

Lemon Snippets by Helen Walton

Plus One by Alyce Caswell

Sunflower Love by Frances Dall’Alba

Falling by Jan Prior

Count Me In by Sioban Timmer

Sweet Ginger by Mickey Martin

Tourist Attractions by Valerie Latimour

Rose’s Path by Lauren Loos

Passionberry Dreams by D.D. Line

Welcome Home, Jemma Harlow by Mandy May

Give Us this Day by Jenny Lynch


Enjoy this collection from fourteen different Australian authors. This anthology showcases many beautiful locations scattered throughout this stunning country of Australia. From the charming South West region of Western Australia to the rolling hills of the Hunter Valley. Picturesque Inglewood, Victoria to Daly Waters in the Northern Territory. So many wonderful journeys, all in one book.


2020 Anthology

Paw Prints of Love 

Pre-order your copy now over at the Gumnut Press shop

Release date - 29th April 2020


Love can call on us in the most unusual places. In this fictional seaside town of Stonecrest Bay, love is on the horizon and the one place you’re sure to run into the unexpected is The Funny Bone, Dee Chambers’ dog grooming salon.

A solo-dad comes to Stonecrest Bay to start a new life with his young son. A four-legged pastry loving friend causes havoc in more ways than one. A house-sitter finds herself in a hair-raising chocolaty situation. A man bent on finding a replacement farm dog finds more than he planned at the town fair. A new resident arrives with hidden secrets. A woman gets more than she bargained for when she comes face to face with her ex. Business tycoon stops over, weary from the corporate world. And a pro surfer finds unexpected romance.

Readers will be swept up in these stories of—young love blossoming, heartache and healing, old lost loves rekindled, of new hearts connecting in Stonecrest Bay where the unpredicted could stroll around the next corner. There’s a story for everyone in this light-hearted collection of romance stories that reminds us it’s all for the love of dogs.

Enjoy this collection from ten different Australian authors. This set contains ten romances set in the fictional seaside town of Stonecrest Bay.

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