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  • How long has Gumnut Press been established?
    Gumnut Press was established in July 2018.
  • Are you a self-publisher or traditional publishing house?
    Gumnut Press is a hybrid publishing house. We have 1-2 calls per year open to authors and an anthology call.
  • Are you accepting manuscripts?
    Congratulations on completing your manuscript. Currently we are not accepting manuscripts. Please check our submissions page for updated calls.
  • I ordered several books and they have not yet arrived?
    If you order multiple books and one is either out of stock or a pre-order, your full order will be held and sent when all books are available to keep postage to a minimum. If you would rather receive some of your books earlier, you will need to make separate orders and pay for postage on both counts.
  • I own a bookstore and would like to stock your books. What are your terms?
    We would love to work with you! For more information, please contact us through our contact page or you can email your enquiries through to
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