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Holiday Kisses Anthology

Saving Grace by Jenny Lynch


Winding up her solo Canadian tour, Grace Barlowe lands in the pretty-as-a-Christmas-card ski town of Revelstoke. Realising her love of skiing comes with a cost that’s way beyond her now-depleted bank balance, Grace goes on the desperate hunt for a job. Any job.

As luck would have it, she’s offered a position at The Caribou, a local pub owned by Roxy and Noah Marshall. A relieved Grace accepts. Now she can stay and fulfill her dreams of experiencing not only a white Christmas, but also back-country skiing.

She signs her life away at the Mountain Resort for a season ski-pass, but Grace’s inner alarm bells ring after meeting their hot-as-all-hell ski instructor, Logan Huxley.

A sucker for a man with a dimple, Logan’s fathomless deep-green eyes, sexy stubble and kissable-looking lips send wild tremors through her body.

Is Logan the surprise holiday romance she wasn’t even looking for? Or will the world come crashing down around her?

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