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Holiday Kisses Anthology

The Now or Never Miracle by Ashlyn Brady


After her last Christmas left her heartbroken, Gracie Joyce will do anything to avoid another yuletide disaster. Sidestepping a kiss under the mistletoe is her first safe move at the staff party in Scotland. She must keep resisting her attraction to her charismatic, handsome boss, Jedd Taylor, even when the Christmas Eve party turns to chaos.

Lovely Gracie is a smart and funny woman who captivates Jedd Taylor. If only her smile didn’t fade when she laid eyes on him. How can he convince her not to pigeon-hole him as her boss, and let them get to know each other better?

A miracle unfolds in a picturesque village in the Southern Highlands. The spirit of Christmas comes alive in unexpected ways. When a special matchmaker appears, will they surrender or deny the heart’s desire?

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