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Holiday Kisses Anthology

Fairies, Lights and Mistletoe by Lexi Haven


Fairy lights? Check. Ladder? Check. Frozen with fear up the ladder? Not in the plan, but… Check.


Between her father’s death, a new home and new business, photographer Romy Ames has enough changes happening. She doesn't have room for more. Fate, though, appears to have other plans.


Enter her handsome new neighbour, though she appreciates his rescuing skills even if it wasn’t quite the introduction she was hoping for.


Damon’s not just her neighbour, but one firefighter she’s photographing for a charity calendar the following day. Between him and his gorgeous fairy-obsessed daughter, Romy’s heart is tiptoeing on the edge of a potentially dangerous fall.


Is a little fairy’s wish for a traditional Christmas mistletoe kiss the nudge she needs to take a chance? Or will Romy retreat and miss out on the best thing to ever happen to her?

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