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Author Testimonials

Jenny Lynch

When Gumnut Press threw down the gauntlet in 2019, calling for short story submissions for a 2020 romance anthology to be entitled “Paw Prints of Love”, as a novice writer, my first impulse was to run a mile! I’d never written a romance story in my life. But something kept pulling me back to reread the intriguing brief, and the more I thought about the fictitious seaside town of ‘Stonecrest Bay’ and its compelling characters, the more I knew I just had to write young Abbey’s love story. I jotted down a first draft outline, added in a Margaret River Surfing Competition, a rather hot Pro Surfer, and a sprinkling of lust and love, and voila! “Catching Curls” became the first romance story I had written. I polished it and rewrote bits (several times) and finally, took the plunge and pressed the dreaded SEND button.

And I was so glad I did! I was super chuffed when Peta Flanigan, from Gumnut Press, selected my story to be included in the anthology. Peta’s expert assistance and guidance helped make the whole process of being involved in a Gumnut Press publication an absolute breeze, including the editing process, of which I was rather naive.  I instantly became an appreciative and super proud ‘Gumnutter’.

I was so impressed with the Gumnut Press anthology, I simply had to keep writing romance short stories, and was fortunate enough to also have “Give Us This Day” included in the 2021 anthology, “Sweet Delights”, and “Saving Grace” included in the 2022 anthology, “Holiday Kisses”.

Huge kudos to Peta Flanigan and Gumnut Press for giving local writers the opportunity to see their stories in print.

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Carolyn Wren

Gumnut Press is unique in the creative freedom it offers its authors. As a published author for over a decade, I have worked with other publishing houses, both in the USA and Australia.  It’s standard practice for publishers to prefer its authors to continuously write in a similar genre, especially if a previous book has been successful.  Gumnut Press is different as it encourages its authors to write their passion project, even if that project is outside their comfort zone.  Because of this, two of my Gumnut Press books have gone on to win multiple awards, even though their subgenres are vastly different.  

The Gumnut Press anthologies are another way the company supports aspiring and emerging authors, giving them a positive first experience in publishing, and enabling them to hone their craft with high quality editors and cover artists.  

I have always found working with Gumnut Press to be rewarding and enjoyable.  The expertise of its founder and CEO, Peta Flanigan, a multi award winning author herself, is first rate and highly admired in the writing community.

Gumnut Press will always be the ‘go-to’ publisher for my books.  I love the way they challenge, inspire and encourage their authors to do their best work.

The publishing industry is a competitive and demanding one.  It’s wonderful to see a company who puts the qualities of honesty, integrity and encouragement at the very top of its list.  I know Gumnut will go from strength to strength in the years to come. 


Lisa Wolstenholme

In an industry becoming more and more congested, where competition for publication is fierce, it's rare to find a publisher so hands-on and welcoming. 

Providing not only a much-needed step-up on the publication ladder, but also valuable experience with many aspects of book publishing, Peta has created a family of authors and cheerleaders who are with you on your journey. Peta is generous with her time, knowledge and support, and has always been professional in all-things Gumnut Press.


I feel so lucky and thankful to have been a "Gumnutter" in the Paw Prints of Love anthology. Thank you, Peta.


Sioban Timmer

I have had the pleasure of working with Gumnut Press as a contributing author in their anthologies Sweet Delights and Holiday Kisses. It was wonderful to see my work published alongside other amazing authors and I enjoyed the challenge of working to the criteria provided for the anthology submissions that creates a book full of unique stories with a common thread.


Gumnut Press give emerging and established authors an avenue for their words to find their way into the world - supporting writing, supporting writers, supporting creativity.

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