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An unexpected encounter...A Christmas promise...The chance to risk everything for the greatest gift of all.


Isabelle Lawrence wants her family’s acceptance, but she knows this Christmas the same pressure to marry and produce grandchildren will be there. But if she can produce a fake husband for the weekend, she might be able to pause the inquisition long enough to enjoy the holiday.


Harley Mitchell wants nothing more than to forget his failed marriage, but with Christmas approaching and his impending divorce, he knows his heart will be shattered all over again.


When a promise forces him to spend the weekend with the stunning Isabelle and her family, can he keep her at arms length long enough to make it back home or will the blonde beauty wrangle her way into his heart forever?


A Husband for the Holidays is part of the Whittaker Springs Holiday Romance Series.

A Husband for the Holidays - A Whittaker Springs Holiday Romance

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