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He’s violated her past and haunts her present. Now he’s threatening her family’s future.


Ruby Davenport’s life changed the day an impulsive decision led to devastating consequences. A chance encounter with online dating attracts a secret admirer-turned-stalker who will stop at nothing to make her his. When the chance comes to meet the family she never knew existed, Ruby flees four thousand kilometres to Perth, taking refuge from his unwanted advances.


Still reeling from the death of his partner, Finn Martinez left behind the violence of the city and horrors of the drug squad by taking up a new post in Burrum Ridge. A fresh start with his focus solely on his job is all he wants. Until he meets Ruby. While her beauty intrigues him, her skittish behaviour rouses his protective police instincts, and he swears to find out the whole story.


When her stalker tracks her down in Perth and threatens her family’s existence, Ruby’s left with a terrible choice. Leave before it’s too late, or risk blood on her hands. Caught in the act of fleeing, a frightened Ruby agrees to stay and finds more than physical comfort in Finn’s arms.


But her stalker is becoming bolder and staying one step ahead in a deadly game of cat and mouse is proving harder than expected.

Deadly Obsession - Book 2

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