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The Christmas season is fast approaching. Snow is falling, the stockings are prepared, and the mistletoe is hung, but in a quaint town in Scotland, festivities could prove more challenging for some.


Community crisis co-ordinator Emerald Bloom has had it tough, but she hopes this Christmas season will be jolly. She’s invited several investors to stay in her ancestral home, Emerald Isle, the week of Christmas, in hopes of restoring the ‘near castle’ back to its glory days. Emerald’s keen to show them her dream of supporting others to navigate life after grief, during seasonal celebrations, where often being with family and friends after the death of a loved one.


Hunter O’Connell has fought his demons. He’s built solid walls around his bruised heart to protect himself from further heartbreak. He’s intrigued by the woman who’s passionate about opening her home to complete strangers, providing a service of support and assistance in times of emotional need. The instant he lays eyes on Emerald Bloom, she chips away at his dark secrets and slowly melts his ice-cold heart.


Emerald hopes by healing others, she’ll ease her emotional pain, and Hunter seems the perfect challenge. Can she break through his hard shell and rebuild her shattered soul? And will he succumb to her healing ways, or will his heart stay locked away forever?

Emerald Isle

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