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Ava Jenkins never imagines landing the dream role of Juliet in the Shakespearean classic Romeo and Juliet would turn her world upside down. She sacrificed everything to pursue her love of the stage, and she always thought she would return home, but that was before her career soared. Now she had a choice to make: return to Australia to help look after her ailing father, or play out the season with a new Romeo that makes her blood boil with desire.


Callen Carwright has returned home to Portland to mend his broken heart. He’s done with acting, but when he accidentally runs into Ava at the stage door, he knows she is no ordinary leading lady.


A whirlwind attraction pulls them together, and coupled with Shakespeare’s words, Ava and Callen can’t deny the passion that rages between them, on or off the stage. Ava’s heart skips a beat each time her lips lock with Callen’s. His kisses, slow, sensual and hot as hell. Will she return home as promised, or take a chance on the one man that promises to fulfil her every desire.

Juliet's Kiss

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