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Christmas is Saltwater Cove’s favourite holiday of the year, but that didn’t stop murder and mayhem from making an unscheduled visit.

The festive spirit is out and about, the eggnog is flowing, mistletoe is hung, and the town is pumped for the most exciting event on the Christmas calendar, the Annual Concert. This year aunt Edie decided it would be a brilliant idea to volunteer me and my best friend, Harriet, to run both Santa’s photo booth and the refreshment stall.

As the celebrations kick-off, things turn complicated fast when my childhood friend, Trixie Snowball, winner of the Elf of the Year contest, reveals she's lost Santa's list and is desperate to find it. I agreed to use my magic to help, but things take a turn for the worse when the runner-up of the contest turns up dead behind the refreshment stall, and Trixie is the number one suspect.

Christmas day is fast approaching, and now I’m in a race against time to find a murderer, clear Trixie’s name, bring the real killer to justice and find the list before disappointment rains down on children all over the world. How, oh, how did I get myself into such a predicament?

If you like witty witches, talking cats, and magical murder mysteries, then step into the fun and flirty romantic paranormal cozy mystery world of the Melting Pot Café series where the spells are flowing, and the adventure is sure to leave you craving more.

Mistletoe, Murder & Mayhem - Book 4

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