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For a woman determined to solve a century-old mystery, unraveling its secret could lead to an untimely death.

Breckin River Librarian, Lily Keegan discovers a dragon-shaped, jeweled pendant with a ruby center hidden in a 12th century book. Against her best friend’s advice, she wears the pendant. It sets in motion a string of life-threatening near misses, convincing Lily it’s the century-old Cursed Dragon.

Fireman and Thor lookalike, Brayden Fletcher makes split-second decisions every day of his life. Traumatized by a death in a house fire he couldn’t prevent, Brayden seeks solace with his mother’s dear friend, Carmen, on the other side of the country.

She shared her theory about the pendant, and it shocks Lily to discover there’s more to her best friend than their age difference. Carmen is a Well Watcher. The future of the Well Watchers is in jeopardy when persons unknown kidnap Carmen. Lily receives a ransom note: the ruby for Carmen. Now Brayden is the only one she can trust.

By using Lily’s historical knowledge to their advantage, Lily and Brayden race against time to expose the truth and prevent a tragedy. Has Lily made too many mistakes and put their lives in the firing line?


From bestselling and multi-award-winning paranormal romance author Polly Holmes comes the third book in the steamy, edge-of-your-seat, five-book series, The Well Watchers of Breckin River.

The Secret Curse

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