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For a woman determined to wipe away her scandalous past, her future becomes a mind game of survival.

All Tash Redman wants is to lead a normal life, but she’s far from normal. Tash is a descendant of the magical kind fated to fulfill her destiny as one of the Well Watchers of Breckin River, entrusted to serve and protect. She just doesn’t know it yet.

When a tragic accident results in her husband’s death, she learns about his mounting debt. Her only way to pay it back was to work it off at the hands of Chicago’s most devious loan shark, Blake Simmonds. Now she’s paid the debt, she wants out, but Blake has other ideas. He’d rather have Tash killed than let another man touch what belongs to him.

The threat on her life ignites Tash’s powers, leading her down a mysterious path to a past she didn’t know existed.
Detective Kayden Langford lives for the job and the next drug bust until he lets his guard down, and his partner pays the ultimate price for his mistake. Determined to right his wrong, a chance meeting with Tash interrupts his plans, setting the wheels in motion for an explosive encounter.

Her life is in danger once again when her past catches up with her, Tash must embrace her new existence if she has any chance of surviving. With Kayden on the case, can she let her guard down long enough to trust him before time runs out?


From bestselling and multi-award-winning paranormal romance author Polly Holmes comes the first book in the steamy, edge-of-your-seat, five-book series, The Well Watchers of Breckin River.

The Secret Legacy

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