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Life takes a turn for the worst when a woman discovers her daughter’s life is in danger and she is her only hope of survival.

When a mysterious phone caller threatens Katie Garcina’s and her precious daughter’s lives, she’s terrified. They demand she return a package belonging to her late husband, but how can she? She never knew it existed.

Entrusted with the powers to protect and serve, Katie fears it’s connected to her duties as a Well Watcher. When the threats increase, she calls on a good friend for help.

For wolf shifter Zac Tanner, protection is his game, but when he failed to protect the one he loved, he closed his heart off to all women. Now he’s determined to live out a life of penance alone.

He’s out of the protection game for good, but when his old mate, Detective Kayden Langford, calls on him to repay a debt, he can’t say no, or risk going back on his word, and if nothing else, Zac is a man of his word.

Entrusted with protecting Katie and her daughter, Zac is determined to keep them safe at all costs. Nothing prepared him for having Katie wrangle her way into his frozen heart and ignite a passion in him he thought he’d lost forever.

With their lives in danger, Zac and Katie must work together to keep her daughter safe and make it out alive so they can have a second chance at love.

Trigger Warning: Please be aware there are trigger warnings in the Chapter Three and Four for attempted sexual assault and drugging.


From bestselling and multi-award-winning paranormal romance author Polly Holmes comes the fourth book in the steamy, edge-of-your-seat, five-book series, The Well Watchers of Breckin River.

The Secret Princess

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