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Praise for Paw Prints of Love

This collection of 10 stories from 10 different Australian authors kept me totally captivated from the very beginning! 

Pat - 5 STARS

Each of the 10 stories in this book brings a little something to the story. Each story flows from one to the next. Love happens when you least expect it to from someone looking for a new start in life, ex's, high school sweethearts, and all involving the love of a dog. Some of these authors were new to me and I am happy that I was able to read their work. Loved it.

Janie - 5 STARS

Oh my goodness, it is such a treat! Every story is uniquely charming, and jam-packed full of love...and dogs! Featuring a host of talented authors, the stories reflect on all the different ways love comes into our lives - sometimes a slow realisation that our friends mean a little more, sometimes after heartache, and sometimes as a zinging awareness that we have found 'the one'.

Amanda - 5 STARS


For dog lovers and romantics alike, these 10 delightful chapters will entice you to travel there, get to know the characters and their stories. The tales of every-day life in the Bay are connected by the Funnybone Dog Grooming Salon. You just won’t believe what happens at Stonecrest Bay (make a great TV series).

Julie - 5 STARS


What a beautiful collection of stories by fabulous authors. If you love your animals and romance, then this anthology is definitely worth a read. There were more than a couple of stories I wished were longer.

T.S. - 5 STARS

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