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Creating books that challenge, excite and inspire the reader.

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New Cozy Mystery by Polly Holmes

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Shhh…Can you keep a secret?

For 200 years, Saltwater Cove has hidden its dark past, but when the town’s bicentenary celebrations attract covens from near and far, the truth threatens to unravel with deadly consequences.

After a showdown at the welcoming reception, tensions erupt, and the High Council is on alert. By the time I get to the ribbon-cutting ceremony, it's in full swing. However, discovering Deegan Beaufort's body cuts the celebrations short. He’s been knifed in the back, which gives his death new meaning to the old cliché.

With my beloved town falling apart, I can't help but wonder if black magic was involved. The covens are at each other’s throats. The prime suspect is a town favorite and local singer. Now, I'm stuck in the middle, desperate to prove my friend’s innocence and solve the 200-year-old mystery plaguing Saltwater Cove.

I may be a master witch, but that’s a big ask for anyone. With the help of my two best friends and drop-dead gorgeous boyfriend, we’re steps away from unveiling the real murderer. When evil threatens my family, I must believe in my powers and trust myself before a loved one pays the ultimate price.

If you like witty witches, talking cats, and magical murder mysteries, then step into the fun and flirty romantic paranormal cozy mystery world of the Melting Pot Café series where the spells are flowing, and the adventure is sure to leave you craving more.



Gumnut Press is a newly established independent publishing company based in Perth, Western Australia with a passion for producing engaging books that challenge, excite and inspire every reader.

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